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Understand your competitors’ marketing strategy — who, what, when & how faster & better than with any other tool

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BrandTotal's Agile Marketing Intelligence uses AI to distill usable insights from the massively targeted campaigns your audience is exposed to every day. Use BrandTotal to benchmark your efforts and performance against the competition, to understand what resonates with your audience, and to quantify your brand marketing.

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Agile Marketing

Digital is happening at warp speed, and brand marketers need to stay on top of current trends, and adjust to competitors' strategies. BrandTotal provides you with the real time data and insights you need to stay agile.

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Strategize Differently

Take advantage of hidden data

Competitive Landscape

Understand threats and opportunities, months ahead of traditional measurement solutions.

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Share of Voice & Spend

Know your share of voice and compare spend against your competition.

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Get engagement data, posting timelines, marketing goals and more.

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“BrandTotal eliminates digital blind spots, providing marketers with the data we need to help us be more agile, to gain invaluable insights on how our competitors are leveraging digital platforms, as well as the latest trends in social media.”

Michelle Ryan, former SVP Marketing, Digital and CRM, L'Oreal Professionnel

Detect Changes in Social Landscape

Social Metrics

See which posts - public and dark - generate the most engagements and views, and track your competitors’ social profiles’ reach over time.

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Sentiment Analysis

Find out what people are saying about you and your competition, and connect it to specific posts, both public and dark.

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Omni channel

Get insights across all leading digital channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, GDN and Amazon, including cross-channel campaigns.

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How News & Media Sites Use Paid Social Media

This report dives into the digital and social advertising strategies of major news and media outlets.


Dark Marketing 101: How to Maximize ROI in Paid Social

Today, 90% of Twitter ads, 85% of Facebook ads and 60% of YouTube ads are “dark” or hidden from public view.


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