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BrandTotal is a real time competitive intelligence platform designed to give media, insights, and analytics teams full visibility into their competition’s social media strategy.

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Monitor and validate campaign performance in real time.
Gain full visibility into the paid social media campaigns of your competitors, and your own brand across channels, allowing you to analyze and shift and budget allocation based on white-space opportunity and track ad performance in real time.

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Adjust and optimize messaging based on what’s resonating with core consumers.
Enhance creative development based on high performing content, while actively measuring and monitoring trends and threats among emerging brands, sentiment drivers and key topics.

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Close the paid social data gap in executive and cross-channel reports.
Monitor your brand’s share of voice across social media, and identify trends within your category to discover new opportunities for audience acquisition.

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Develop and adjust brand identity and positioning strategy.
Analyze inputs across competitor positioning, audience segments and sentiment trends to identify opportunities for brand initiatives and activations.

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See competition
across channels

  • Gain complete visibility across your competitors’ distribution channels by viewing unified campaigns.
  • Effortlessly drill into each campaign to see engagement, views and more
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Automated consumer

  • Gain rapid awareness of your competitors' changing campaign demographics, goals and posting patterns.
  • Detect opportunities to leverage your campaigns as well as potential threats encroaching on your audience.

Optimize your marketing mix

View share of voice, social engagement and more, for your company and its competitors for any time frame.

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Explore target audiences

Understand your competition's target demographics, along with when and how they reach them, even "dark" posts.

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See all creatives

  • Get inspired by accessing all of your competitors' creatives videos, carousels, images and copy.
  • Learn how successful each campaign is, to improve your own.

Listen to consumers

Find out what's on consumers' minds, and tie it back to specific posts by your company or the competition.

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