Gain a unique competitive edge 
& Achieve your marketing KPI’s

Marketing intelligence has never been this fast, comprehensive, and insightful.

Marketing is going agile. Are you?


Marketing is going agile, and so should you

The brand wars have never been faster.
Are you leading the pack or lagging behind?

Today, technology enables marketers to be always on when facing the consumer, allowing for a quick response and initiative rate.
So why not respond in real time if you know your consumer base is being targeted? Why not take the initiative when spotting a great opportunity?

Marketing is going agile, but it's also going dark

Welcome to the age of dark marketing

fragmentation, segmentation and targeting make it almost impossible to track what’s happening, let alone make sense of it and properly respond to competition’s efforts or spot an opportunity. Marketers are left in the dark, blind to competition’s threats on one hand, and missing out
on premium marketing opportunities on the other.
This new challenge can be better defined by what we at BrandTotal call the 4W’S

The 4W'S


In a huge, fragmented ecosystem, such as digital marketing, one can choose to launch a campaign on multiple platforms. Most of the time a marketer has no idea Where his competition is, i.e., on which platform his competitor has launched a campaign in.


When a marketer composes a marketing brief, there’s usually one big idea. But if you only see a fraction of the big picture, how could you know what it is?


In our age, different target audiences are meant to experience different types of messaging. Consumers  and shoppers are not motivated by the same type of message. How could a marketer know who is being targeted by the competition?


Never again should you experience a decline in your brand metrics on hindsight. Learn about a competitor's campaign in real-time, respond, engage, and counter your competitor's campaign! Moreover, discover the exact days and time in the day where your competition is full steam ahead.

BrandTotal enables you to go agile in the age of dark marketing!

Reverse engineer your competition’s marketing strategy – learn about your competition’s goals, segmentation and target audience, media mix, and effective campaigns across all digital channels! Spot immediate threats and inimitable opportunities so you can measure up to your marketing KPI’s


1 / 6

Spots threats and opportunities within your digital competitive landscape


2 / 6

Collects data from all digital channels


3 / 6

Consolidates the data to a coherent marketing campaign


4 / 6

Reveals “Dark” communication to expose competition’s targeting and segmentation

Illuminating Darkness

5 / 6

Delivers real-time actionable insights

Actionable Insights

6 / 6

Pinpoints competition’s effective campaigns

Relevant & Accurate

How we do it

Machine learning

Highly sophisticated algorithms to sift and draw conclusions from mounds of data

Military-Grade insights

A unique combination of Human & Signal Intelligence methods

Cyber Methodologies

Implementing an approach derived from the worlds of Cyber Security and Intelligence


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