BrandTotal is on a mission to democratize the digital advertising ecosystem

What We Do

BrandTotal is on a mission to even the playing field in social and digital commerce advertising and democratize the digital advertising ecosystem. We enable established brands, challenger brands, and agencies to see every ad in their category and how consumers reacted to them and interacted with them. That way, they know what’s working for their competitors and how their own brand advertising compares.

Our goal is to be the official measure of the social world and the go-to brand intelligence platform for everything social advertising. We want to be the one source of truth that indexes, categorizes, benchmarks, and measures social advertising in every brand category so marketers can make decisions with data, not feelings.

Our Core Values


Both individuals and companies should have access to their data. They should be able to take it with them, move it around, and share it with whomever.


BrandTotal is the official measure of the social world. We want to democratize the digital advertising ecosystem and create a more transparent system. We make it possible to measure the top and middle of the funnel and not just the bottom.


Accountable and trustworthy third-party measurement is necessary for the next evolution of the digital advertising industry. BrandTotal has the tools for advertisers so that they can measure the effectiveness of their advertising.


Individuals should have ownership of their data. Companies should compensate individuals for access to their data, especially if they profit off of it in some way. BrandTotal compensates all our panelists for the data they choose to share with us.