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BrandTotal powers forward-thinking brands — from new, innovative, challenger brands to Fortune 500 companies and their agencies — to see farther and more clearly than ever before across their brand analytics and digital advertising competitive landscape.

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How BrandTotal Works

Ever wonder what it takes to deliver the world’s leading competitive social advertising data?

AI-driven growth + world’s first social media-centric consumer panel = the most powerful social advertising competitive intelligence data.

Platform Deep Dive

Built from the Ground Up

BrandTotal is built from the ground up to collect billions of brand data points, digital advertising performance metrics, and social competitive intelligence worldwide. We do this through artificial intelligence and machine learning combined with the world’s first real-time social media-centric consumer panel.

Multiple Layers of Intelligence

The platform collects all of this data, classifies and analyzes it, and then enriches and correlates it through our Intelligence Layers and data visualization dashboards. You get deep actionable insights based on consumer net sentiment, consumer engagement, competitive spend, ad creative intelligence, dark vs. public ad metrics, organic and sponsored data, SOV, Share of Topic, video vs. non-video, social media mix, audiences, and many more brand, creative, and media intelligence layers.

Comprehensive Functionality

Track and analyze your brand performance and media planning and investments benchmarked against the competition's strategies, spend, campaigns, creative performance, and media mix; respond and pivot in real time; and win wallet share as well as consumer love and loyalty.

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Alternate Solutions

Complete Digital Social Coverage

Brand Analytics Benchmarked Against Social Competitive Intelligence

Unmatched Granular Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Layers

Easy to Measure & Optimize Creative Effectiveness & Performance, including Messaging and Positioning

Dark Versus Public Ad Analysis

White Glove Customer Success (Trusted Partner)

Consumer Net Sentiment & Engagement

Organic, Paid, and Dark Metrics

Third Party Validation

Platform Integration & Onboarding

Bringing a new marketing technology onboard can be a serious commitment. You want to make sure that the tool you choose is easy to deploy, easy to use, with expert social media strategy help at hand when needed.

As a cloud-based solution, BrandTotal could not be easier to set up and get running. Moreover, we offer white-glove Customer Success oversight, ongoing training, managed expert services, customizable granular labeling options, and APIs to connect to your existing MarTech stack, assuring your optimal use of the platform.

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