Benchmark Your Category’s Social Advertising Strategy

Get data-driven intelligence into category trends, rival brand performance data, consumers insights, and how your brand compares.

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Brand Benchmarking

Prove and improve brand measurement and ROI with competitive dashboards and reporting.

Strategic Insights

Gain strategic insights from the most successful and innovative brands in your category.

Consumer Response

Analyze what the competition is doing and how your target audience consumers are responding over time.

Key Benefits

Measure Brand Performance

BrandTotal enables you to measure your brand performance in real time and over time through multiple intelligence layers such as consumer sentiment, consumer engagement, competitive spend, impressions, dark vs. public ads, organic and sponsored, Digital SOV, Share of Topic, and much more.

Benchmark the Competition

Correlate and overlay these intelligence performance metrics so you can track and analyze your own brand performance and media planning and investments against your competition's strategies,  campaigns, creatives, and performance. Measure and benchmark every element of your competition's social advertising strategies, campaigns, creatives, and performance to unlock consumer love and loyalty.

Understand What Matters When It Matters

Use BrandTotal to understand promotional offers, social commerce trends, new and historic product launches and activations, positioning strategies, and competitive tactics with independent first-party data that’s outside of social media platforms and agencies.

Pivot Social Strategy

Gain critical insights instantly for your competitive landscape reports, new product launch or business initiative positioning, consumer insights research, and QBRs. Use those insights to report and measure your brand impact, benchmark social strategy and performance data, justify brand advertising investments, and outshine the competition.

Gain Insight into Developing Trends

Understand what’s happening in your category. Analyze sustainability, employer brand, and social responsibility trends, see long-term media planning and share of topic over time, and compare consumer shopping/holiday metrics and trends. Gain visibility into developing trends within your product category, and conduct in-depth research across media mix, audiences, and seasonal metrics over time (days, quarters, years).

It’s Time To Outshine Your Competition

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