What's Working in Social Advertising?

Turn subjective ad creative into quantifiable and actionable insights so you can be sure to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

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Artful Inspiration

Get inspired by seeing all of your competitors' creatives, across all social channels, aggregated in one place with consumer engagement and sentiment metrics.

Content Insights

Discover which creatives drive the most engagement and positive consumer sentiment to help create content that makes consumers fall in love.

Competitive Creative Performance

Develop the most engaging creatives with full visibility into every competitive creative in your category, combined with how real social consumers reacted.

Key Benefits

Get Insight into Consumer Sentiment

Wondering how your audiences feel about rival brands' content and ad creatives? Use BrandTotal to see every consumer response and interaction with your competitors’ social ad creatives. You’ll get creative intelligence insights to help optimize creative performance and speed development so you can make better creative decisions, faster.

Understand the Competitive Creative Landscape

Easily search and find every creative ad from rival brands in the largest database of social content and ad creatives in the world, and see how successful each competitor’s creative campaigns are. Find the signal through the noise and zoom in on the exact creative topics and themes you need with numerous search filters options. Use BrandTotal to access competitors’ creative performance metrics across sponsored, organic, and dark ads so you can understand what works best in your category.

See What Messaging Resonates With Your Consumers

Join the conversation by seeing what brands and consumers are talking about and uncover the elements that make creatives in your category shine. BrandTotal enables you to quantify messaging and creative analytics, as well as measure and reverse-engineer ad messaging and positioning across your entire competitive landscape.

Shorten Time to Creative

Revolutionize the creative brief process by uncovering creative inspiration and meaningful ways to differentiate your brand. Use BrandTotal’s AI-driven messaging analysis to enhance creative development and shorten the creative and messaging process by 50%, based on actual consumer behaviors, attitudes, and real-time authentic responses.

Drive Consumer Engagement

Make sure you are delivering the right message to the right person and find out what drives your core audience to like, share, and comment on competitors’ ads. Use those actionable insights to adjust and optimize messaging, positioning, and creatives based on what's resonating with core consumers in your category. BrandTotal enables you to discover the signal through the noise of millions of creatives to win consumer love and loyalty.

It’s Time To Outshine Your Competition

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