Who's Winning in Social Advertising?

Effectively measure and benchmark your brand's social advertising media spend, creative performance, social SOV, audience acquisition, competitive consumer sentiment, and category trends.

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Media Spend Optimization

Seamlessly optimize your media investments with your competitors' social advertising performance data; monitor and report on every rival activation.

Competitive Insights

Quickly understand how they are doing it and what's moving the needle with your core consumers, so you can make decisions based on data-driven media insights.

Performance Benchmarking

See how you stack up against the competition, and which rival brands are gaining on you, with real-time digital SOV benchmarking.

Key Benefits

Win Wallet Share with
Actionable Media Insights

Get predictive, actionable competitive insights to plan your digital and social media strategy, media buying, and mix. Plan your next product and campaign launches with the advantage of seeing every step of your competition’s strategy, their advertising performance, and what's working/not working with consumers. Access your competitors’ complete social advertising media performance (Paid, Dark, and Organic) with the broadest social Share of Voice coverage anywhere. Identify trends within your category to discover market opportunities for audience acquisition.

Allocate Budget More Effectively

BrandTotal eliminates the white noise of big data by correlating competitive social advertising performance metrics into operational insights to hone your competitive brand marketing. Benchmark your brand advertising performance against the competition and gain complete understanding of your social advertising performance. Take advantage of unparalleled visibility to shuffle budgets in real time, and stretch your advertising dollars farther than ever before by capitalizing on underutilized cross-channel ad space opportunities and divesting from saturated spaces.

Get Complete Visibility into Dark Marketing

With 85% of today's social advertising hidden from view and fragmented across multiple channels, how can you see how your brand social advertising performance measures up to the competition, much less how it can be strategically optimized? BrandTotal delivers unprecedented visibility into and complete measurement of your competitors and categories' dark versus public advertising.

Optimize Decision Making Powered by Granular Insights

Take advantage of unmatched granular analysis, with comprehensive, in-depth competitive metrics at the category, line of business, product, campaign, and ad levels. See how your consumers respond to your competitors’ social ad campaigns in real time so you can optimize media activations and content while campaigns are in flight, tune message/market fit, and identify emerging competitors or products within your space.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Get third-party validation of your social advertising performance benchmarked against your competition’s performance and media spend and reverse-engineer their strategies. Learn How, Where, Why, When, Who and What is working — instantly. See what platforms other brands are activating on. Find potential new markets and consumer acquisition opportunities by uncovering early social commerce purchase intent signals, consumer sentiment, and engagement on your competitors’ ads and media campaigns.

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