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BrandTotal is the simplest, fastest way to benchmark against competitors' social advertising to outsmart, outshine, and outperform your category.

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Win Your Customers' Love, Loyalty, and Wallet Share

Get unprecedented visibility into your competition’s entire social advertising strategy and performance across all major social channels.

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With BrandTotal, you work smarter, not harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Instantly spot the exact drivers and tactics that make rival campaigns drive consumer love and loyalty. Improve your ads with our media and creative insights and outshine (rather than outspending) the competition and win wallet share. No more guessing.

BrandTotal gives you granularity with surgical precision

Get Granularity with Surgical Precision

Zero in on when, where, how, why, who, and what is moving the needle for your category’s competitors, effortlessly drill into each campaign, product, or single initiative to uncover the elements that make creatives shine at the most granular level. No more black boxes.

Benchmark the Competition

Benchmark the Competition

Unleash the power of actionable creative and media insights to benchmark your brand against your competitors and unlock their entire social advertising performance and strategy. No more secrets.

We empower brand, creative, and media teams from forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies to collaborate and outshine the competition.

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Media Intelligence

Competitive Social Advertising Benchmarking and Measurement

Plan your next launch and brand activation, benchmark against the competition with social SOV, and adjust your digital and social advertising strategy for greater ROI and brand impact with consumers.

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creative Intelligence

Intelligence and Insights so Creative Teams Can Make Better Content, Faster

See all of your competitors' organic and paid social creatives and how consumers respond to them, aggregated and curated for you all in one place. Capitalize on fast emerging trends that drive consumer engagement.

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Brand Intelligence

Powerful Brand Intelligence Metrics for Brand, Research & Insights Teams

Measure and benchmark your competition's social strategies, campaigns, creatives, and performance to unlock consumer love and loyalty. Gain strategic insights from the most successful and innovative brands in your category.

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Data You Can't Get Anywhere Else

With BrandTotal, you work smarter, not harder


A unified platform to see all of your competition’s social ads, paired with real-time consumer responses and sentiment

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100% visibility into your competitors’ paid social Dark Ads, which are 85% of social ads

Benchmark the Competition


Third-party validation of your social advertising performance, benchmarked against rival brands in your category

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Complete social Share of Voice coverage across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Display

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Unparalleled campaign granularity — insights at the category, brand, product, campaign, and ad level

BrandTotal gives you granularity with surgical precision


Data served any way you want — raw, enriched with granular, actionable insights, or easily exportable so you can make the reports you need — fast and accurate

“When I came across BrandTotal, I said, if it's going to do everything that I think it's going to do, I'm going to fall off my chair. And I put it to the test, I tried it, tested it, and I pretty much fell off my chair.”
Gayle Noah
Media Director, L’Oréal UK
“When Mark and Alon first told me about BrandTotal, I thought it was witchcraft. But once I saw it, I was like, ‘I need to work with these guys!”
Mark Patchett
Founder, Growth Shop
“There's a definite ROI from using BrandTotal. It gives us the ability to put numbers behind the value of a certain channel, and how our competitors are delivering — or not.”
Andy Fowkes
Customer Insight Lead, EDF (UK)
“BrandTotal helps us see how our top competitors are going to market, how they’re speaking, how people are interacting with them. Then we can adjust when we see erosion, or changes to how people are reacting to our ads.”
Teresa Chung
Digital Marketing Manager at Verizon
“At the end of the day, the more information you have access to, the more power you have, and BrandTotal gives you that insight. That’s a competitive advantage when it comes to social advertising.”
Jordan Lalor
Senior Social Media Specialist, Mercedes-Benz USA

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